Ampool Active Data Store (ADS) is a robust, in-memory computing platform that provides operational intelligence1 to both user (external) apps and data science driven analytics (internal) apps. It is based on Apache Geode, adding several capabilities for analytical data workloads.

This guide presents an overview of how Ampool works, and different paths for how to deploy, use and extend it.


For starters, learn about Ampool ADS’ key concepts, overall architecture and typical deployment scenarios.

Deploy & Manage

For DevOps or SysAdmins, this section describes different ways to deploy and manage Ampool services.


For Business Analysts or Data Scientists, this section provides details on how to use Ampool ADS via common data processing frameworks available today.


For Data and Application Developers, this section describes how to program or extend Ampool ADS.


  1. Operational intelligence as defined in this article by RTInsights