Single Node Deployment

Using Ampool Single Node AMI

Launch the AMI 1.1_1.5.0_Ampool-Single-Node.

In the Configure Instance Details, in Advanced Details following properties can be set as Key Value pairs

In the Specify details section input following :

  1. KeyName eg : Key1 (Mandatory, Name of an existing EC2 KeyPair to enable SSH access to the instance) choose any one amongst from the drop box list
  2. PortsLow eg : 2000 (The lower allowed range of ports for starting a Ampool Cluster, Optional. default : 1024)
  3. PortsHigh eg : 2100 (The higher allowed range of ports for starting a Ampool Cluster, Optional. default : 65535)
  4. SSHLocation eg : x.x.x.x (Mandatory)
  5. LocatorClassPath eg : /tools/work/xyz.jar (Optional)
  6. LocatorLogLevel eg : fine (Choose any one amongst from the drop box list)
  7. CriticalHeapPercentage eg : 70 (Optional, default: 0)
  8. EnableTimeStatistics eg : false (Optional, default: false)
  9. EvictionHeapPercentage eg : 60 (Optional, default: 0)
  10. HttpServicePort eg : 7070 (Optional, default: 7070)
  11. HttpServiceBindAddress eg : x.x.x.x (Optional, default: private internal ip address)
  12. InitialHeap eg : 1g (Optional, default: )
  13. LocatorWaitTime eg : 30 (Optional, default: 0)
  14. LockMemory eg : false (Optional, default: false)
  15. MaxHeap eg : 2g (Optional, default: )
  16. ServerClassPath eg : /tools/work/xyz.jar (Optional)
  17. ServerLogLevel eg : info (Choose any one amongst from the drop box list)
  18. StartRestApi eg : false (Optional, default: false)

e.g The above properties can be set up as follows

#!/usr/bin/env bash
#Copy the minimum required config parameters
echo "LocatorLogLevel=fine" >> /etc/default/ampool_config

The above sets up the Log level for locator.

Delete Ampool AMI

Delete the Ampool AMI instance created from the 1.1_1.5.0_Ampool-Single-Node.


If you individually kill the instances from EC2 console, it may be restarted due to auto scaling configuration.

Check Cluster status

To check if Ampool locator and servers are running, enter http://AMPOOL_LOCATOR_NODE_PUBLIC_IP:7070/pulse in your browser, where AMPOOL_LOCATOR_NODE_PUBLIC_IP is the public ip address of the AWS instance used for locator role.

Login to the Geode Pulse using instance-id of the locator AMI instance as login and password.